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I majored in MIS at Fordham University back in 1993.  I have worked in IT for over 20 years.  The recession and glass ceiling prompted me to look at other ways to secure my future.  I knew that I could not depend on one job alone for my finances.  My journey in real estate investing started in 2000 with a multifamily home in NYC where one of the apartments was turned into a nurse bnb.  I then took on 2 gut rehabs in Atlanta where I was ripped off numerous times.  Although I managed to turn those investments around and make a profit, I decided that these ways were very hands on.   I decided to explore other ways to invest more passively while still making good returns which is why notes is the best for my lifestyle. 

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My Story

With more than 22 years of experience in real estate, the CEO loves to impart her knowledge and expertise to others. She has also authored The Perils of Real Estate Scam Alert and is in the process of publishing many more.  She has invested through recession, inflation, and the pandemic.


As an Independent, privately owned Real Estate Investment firm, we envision acquiring various cash flowing properties, providing capital to other real estate ventures, and other real estate services. We seek to minimize our client's and students’ financial risk and cost reduction.  

As a boutique real estate investment firm with a strong grip on the market, we keep a close eye on its trends and applying the collected knowledge in every category, we provide an incomparably valuable service for investors.

What is a mortgage? Note

A Note is a contract that tells the homeowner how much is owed when the mortgage is to be paid, what the interest rate is, and what the late fees and other penalties are.

In short, a note is a contract on the mortgage that controls the property.


It is between the lender and the homeowner.


Owning the note makes you the bank.

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How can mortage buying gives you a good side income ?


If you are always looking for new and exciting opportunities then let's connect.


Low Maintenance

No Roofs, Renters, Roaches, or Rats

Low Costs

The cost to buy notes is a lot less expensive
then buying the house

Recession Proof

Whether the market is up or down you can make money by
investing in notes.

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